How Can You Help?

Dear Friends of William Arnold,

We hope this message finds you in good spirits. A number of you have requested updates, expressed willingness to assist and inquired about William and the related injustice. Below is a summary of William’s current status as well as steps underway to address his false conviction as subsequent imprisonment:

  1. William has dismissed his formal legal counsel and acquired the services of a reputable attorney to file an appeal on his behalf with the Tennessee Court of Appeals. It is important to note that this attorney has significant experience and related success in arguing cases at the Tennessee Court of Appeals Level. The basis of the appeal will be the fact that vital pieces of evidence were not allowed to be presented to the jury in court. This resulted in William being convicted based solely on the testimony of the accuser. Essentially, his conviction was based on his word against another as there was no evidence (physical or otherwise) to support the accuser’s claim.
  2. Identifying the need for a coordinated plan of attack, a group of William’s friends (with William’s blessing) have grouped together to form a committee. The role of the committee is to organize and direct all planned efforts in order to assist William in securing his freedom and addressing his false imprisonment.  To that end, the following focus areas have been identified:


3. On December 6, 2013, William was moved to the Bledsoe County Correctional Complex in Pikeville, TN where he has officially been placed and is currently being held.


Your support is essential in helping us obtain justice for William. With NO tangible evidence currently against him we demand William receive a new trial – or his immediate freedom. Our goal is to increase the visibility of William’s false conviction and imprisonment through the areas of focus listed above.

• If you are interesting in assisting and would like to obtain regular updates on progress, please send an email We can then determine how best you can help in his fight for Justice.

• In addition, William along with his mother has asked that we FLOOD him with mail to encourage him. He wants and needs us to FLOOD him with letters of funny times and good times that he has shared with different people. It would really mean a lot to him to get some letters that not only encourage him, but allow him to smile, laugh, and remember the good times of the past as we push forward to attaining good times in the future.

Let us make it a point to take just a few minutes to type/write and send letters to our friend and brother. Given that he is in a new environment, he needs these letters from us.

Please send your letters to:

William Arnold – 524840 BCCX Site 2

1045 Horsehead Rd

Pikeville, TN 37367

Thank you and God Bless – The Committee 2 Free William Arnold

3 Responses to How Can You Help?

  1. Larry Rogers says:

    May you have the justice you deserve. Amen


  2. He was my mentor and have never did anything to me sexually. He saved my life when i was contemplated suicide. I WILL SPEAK UP FOR HIM AND THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE HIM AND HIS FRATERNAL BROTHERS SHOWED ME.


  3. John A Johnson says:

    We are all behind Brother Fry! It is hard to imagine that a person rights can be so violated on the whim of another. May the truth finally rise and let the innocent be free. It’s long overdue.


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