Who is William “Fry” Arnold?

William is a highly educated African-American man who is a role model to many people (old and young alike) whose life, liberty and reputation are at stake in a fight against greed and false allegations.  William is a man who believes in community.  His values and the morals that were instilled in him have motivated him to give back to his community by mentoring others and actively volunteering at charity events throughout his community and others.

As a young man growing up in Memphis, TN, William was always active in his community.  During his high school years, William helped to establish a high school fraternity that organized community service activities throughout his neighborhood and at his school.   As he transitioned to college, William also joined several community service organizations and participated in activities to better the lives of the elderly and those affected by AIDS.  He fought tirelessly for voter registration awareness and adult literacy.  William also volunteered his time with children; mentoring young people on campus, in churches and within his own family.  He was always influenced to give back from his parents and grandparents.  They set a strong spiritual foundation that has helped him become the man that he is today; one who believes that it is his duty to serve and assist others to be all that they can be.  William has truly lived his life to do just that.

The social issues that affected his community compelled him to study Sociology as an undergrad.  After receiving his B.S. in Sociology, he furthered his education and received his Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Education.  His goal is to one day positively impact his community through educating the whole person by becoming an administrative leader of a university.  Prior to his false conviction and imprisonment, William’s career focus was the improvement of education in the State of Tennessee.  William has spent his entire life selflessly giving back to others.  With his strong moral values, community dedication and sense of family, William, a true man of service, has proven that one person can positively impact many lives.

2 Responses to Who is William “Fry” Arnold?

  1. Pamela Johnson says:

    I talk to my cousin weekly, and to be able to hear his voice gives me the strength to believe that this tragedy will be over soon. My family and I are asking that everyone help us to Free Fry. No amount is too small. We want this wrong to be corrected, and we need everyone ‘s help. #freefry

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    • LINDA D. JACKSON says:

      As we are approaching nearly 6 years that my son has been imprisoned for something he didn’t do. I often think of the accuser and his mom. How do you go about your day to day routine, how do sleep at night knowing that you have lied on a man that was only trying to help your son to be a better young man. I can’t hate you two. My heart forgives you because you don’t understand how your spiritual mind was taken over by spiritual wickedness that caused you 5to perpetuate these lies for greed. My heart breaks for the mom because you do5n’t know who your son truly is. As a child you taught him to lie, to destroy a good man’s name and character. I thank God that I must forgive you for what you have done to my son and our family and friends. I pray for you both that “The Holy Spirit” will open your spirits and minds to see how you tried to destroy my son. God said, “Not so.” He is still strong in spirit, mind, and body because He knows he’s a child of “The Most High God.” I pray that you and your son will learn of God’s true love and what it means to love each other imperfections and all. May God bless you to see that you have committed a grave injustice against a “good man.”


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