We Need Your Help!!!

William is asking that everyone take a moment to print and/or copy and paste the letter attached to this post in order to send it to Mr. Bryan Stevenson. Mr. Stevenson is an activist against mass incarceration and it is our hope that he will take a look at William’s case and decide to dedicate his resources to the exoneration of William.

In the attached letter we ask that you fill in your name and your relationship to William. You can then email or send this letter to Mr. Stevenson’s Equal Justice Initiative organization. Or you can email it as well as mail a hard copy. We ask that if you choose to email the letter that you put “Justice for Dr. William E. Arnold, Jr” as the subject line. Below I have included where to mail, fax, or email this letter. Thank you all for your support!

William’s Letter to Bryan Stevenson

Contact Information:

Equal Justice Initiative

122 Commerce St.

Montgomery, Alabama 36104

Phone: 334-269-1803
Fax: 334-269-1806
Email: contact_us@eji.org

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