My Cousin

To whom it may concern,

The dictionary defines the word “discombobulated,” as being confused or disconcerted; upset or frustrated. This is the state when concentration and focus are nowhere to be found because you are puzzled about the matter at hand. This discombobulated haze been settling in front of my entire families’ eyes for the last year and a half, as my cousin Dr. William Arnold inmate #524840 awaits is justice and exoneration from the so called “Justice System.”  How do you explain to your family that you will not be home for births, holidays, graduations, and weddings, when you sitting in pits of a cage for a crime that you did not commit, let alone a so called crime that has no physically or tangible evidence to prove that a crime was committed. My cousin has always be a positive influence in my life since birth, he as always supported my dreams and ambitious. William has always been that older cousin that was like that cool big brother.

Throughout my life I have admired for his brilliance, love for life, and his genuine passion for helping and serving the people of his community. William has spent years giving to back and spending his time working to improve those communities near to heart. William is a member and proud brother of t Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., whose motto is, “ First of All, Servants of All, We shall Transcend All.” Within this motto is the phrase “ Servants of all,” which speaks volumes to who William is and how committed he is to his people. He was one of the influential reasons to why I also joined this great organization because it is something bigger than myself where I am able to help and better humanity. William is a man of God, a man of distinguish, and most of all a man of integrity.  His incarceration has not been a walk in the park for our family, but like the old saying goes, “A family that prays together stays together.” That is just what we continue to do each day as we await his justice and exoneration from this system. Family is all you have sometimes and the same way William needs all of us right now we need him event more back home and back in the community where he can continue his mission improving the lives of others.  Justice will be served and the exoneration of Dr. William E. Arnold will soon be here.




Brandon W. Williams

(1st cousin)

About Dizzer

I can speak intelligently on any topic. Not that I know what I am talking about, but heh at least it sounds good.
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