Statement From William

My name is William E. Arnold, Jr. Actually, until July 13, 2013, the world knew me as “Dr. William E. Arnold, Jr.” – a professional, a leader in the community, a well-known mentor and an agent of change. Personally, I’d been known as “Fry” to family and childhood friends and in my college-educated social circles from Memphis to Atlanta and throughout Nashville. Now, my home state of Tennessee lists me as “Inmate #524840” and I am serving a 25-year prison sentence in the TN Department of Corrections. My “guilt” lies in wanting to be a valuable contributor to my community; a desire to be a part of the solution and NOT the problem. In fact, I am in my current predicament because I volunteered to help change someone’s life for the better and now, because of lies driven by greed, the world I once knew and tried so desperately to improve has been taken from me. You should know, and everyone else should know, exactly what my accuser knows – and that is….

This is my story. This is my truth. This is the truth. This is God’s truth. My conviction is based on lies driven by greed and how the ‘court of public opinion’ has fractured our criminal justice system. It is intriguing, surprising and also hurtful to know that some legal professionals, and others involved in the system, don’t seek justice, but instead spend their lives building their careers based on election-year results, wins and losses, and misplaced public fears – even at the expense of innocent lives. Mine is one of those innocent lives and I, and the many people who love and believe in me, sincerely ask that you listen . . . .

7 Responses to Statement From William

  1. Larry Rogers says:

    Fry is a very stand up and a loving guy. I’ve known him since the 5th grade and I pray for his innocence and to be freed from the charges against him. Please help him get his rightful justice due him. Thank you so much


  2. Linda Jackson says:

    William Arnold is one of the finest young men that you can ever meet. I have known him his entire life. I have watched him evolve from a funny little boy into a man who truly loves and supports others in any way that he can. It is so unfair and unreal that our justice system has just
    taken his life and turned it upside down, based on lies and greed. This situation is affecting everyone that loves him. There are days that it all seems so surreal to me. My son was raised to never forget where he came from and to help others along the way. I know that God is getting all the praise, honor, and glory as we continue to ask Him for guidance and strength to endure this trial and tribulation.

    Linda Jackson


  3. Fry is one of the few males I try to model myself after when it comes to community service and just being an all-around upstanding African-American male. From the first time we met, Fry has been one to always empower another and simply enjoy life as is while trying to better all that you can. This case is an obvious situation for “opportunistic” people who wish to capitalize a moment for personal gain (Penn State case) at the expense of a innocent upstanding citizen’s life. I will try all I can to write the State and contact those who may be of influence to help out.

    Unfortunately, this is case of simply “fitting the build” at the expense of Fry, his loved ones, and those who love him. I pray that this case is exonerated and that you can pickup life as these last few years have been stolen.

    I will write the same letter until this happens … much love Bruh!!

    “What it is … Black Power Gold Soul …!

    Bro. David Lunsford “D-Luns”


  4. Dorothy butler says:

    Life is a struggle – whatever you’re struggling with, it helps to hear words of encouragement that remind us that we all take knocks in life, but the best things in life come through persistence.
    Whether you’ve just had another setback chasing your dreams, been rejected by someone you care about, faced tragedy, or you’re just feeling drained from the ups and downs of this journey we call life, remember that GOD CAN turn things around in an instant. All we have to do is PRAY, keep the FAITH, & keep moving forward.. Even when it feels like it’s not coming fast enough or should I say when we want it.. WE MUST LEARN HOW TO KEEP THE FAITH.. God NEVER said it would be easy.. God put us all in different situations.. ( some of us the same situations), to test our FAITH.. God have his reasons..



    Love, your classmate Dorothy Butler😘


  5. Linda Jackson says:

    Ms Butler truer words have never been spoken. Thank you so very much for your encouraging words to my son. My mom drilled Philippians 4:13 into his head since he was a boy. We know that the devil meant this for bad, but God is using this “Job experience” to increase the faith not only of William, but every one who has known him. Our God is An “Awesome God.” He can do ANYTHING BUT FAIL. Be blessed. William’s Mom, Linda Jackson.


  6. Deni says:

    William “FRY” Arnold, Gosh the ideal loved and hated person for simply being a man of destiny, drive and determination. As a role model he demanded excellence and strategic planning to accomplish reachable goals. William, encouraged others with a no nonsense approach which many simply mistaken to be arrogance. Self-determined and goal driven, I watch William mature through life lessons and personal interactions. To date I am still in disbelief of this level of injustice for my “FRIEND.”
    As a “FRIEND,” through all the ups (mostly) and down we have experienced, he has always been humble towards me to simply say “I AM SORRY,” even when he was not the cause. William, has always been and will always be “THAT GUY,” who will always be an atmosphere changers in all situations.
    My heart is deeply sadden by this situation, I trust God and know he will work things out for William. Forever Love!


  7. Justice Served says:

    I am thankful that that your conviction has been thrown out. Stay strong!


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