Latest Update

  1. The EVIDENTIARY HEARING is scheduled for MID-SUMMER!!! Please write William (‘FRY’) For More Information.
  2. We ask that you  join the “FRYDAY” Fast every Fry-Day from midnight until noon.     Abstain or fast from something you seek deliverance and pray for Truth, Justice, Deliverance, and Restoration as we prepare our hearts for God’s blessing the hearing.

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I can speak intelligently on any topic. Not that I know what I am talking about, but heh at least it sounds good.
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3 Responses to Latest Update

  1. The fast is midnight Thursday night until 12 noon on Fryday. Please continue to pray for my son each and every day. We know that God is in “Control” and in His time we will soon have Fry back with family and friends that love and support him. I want to thank each and every one that has walked this journey with him from day one. I thank you for all of the support that you have given in so many ways. May God continue to bless and keep each of you.


  2. Marcia Davis Major says:

    I attended UT with Fry. He was like a little brother to me. I live in VA and this is heartbreaking that I just found out bout this case. I would like to support Fry in any way available. Can someone give me his mailing address or other means of contact? Also is there a donation site for his legal defense?


    • Wendell says:

      Hello Marcia. Below is the address where you can write to William.

      William Arnold – 524840 BCCX Site 2

      1045 Horsehead Rd

      Pikeville, TN 37367


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